Computer Scientists develop new tool that generates quality videos from themed text automatically

Ever heard of a tool called “Write-a-Video” that can generate videos from themed text. Let’s cut to the chase right away. First of all, you must know those behind the development of this “Write-a-Video” tool. A team of scientists based out of the University of Tsinghua and Beihang in China, apart from the famous Harvard University in the U.S.A. and IDC Herzliya based out of Israel, all of them having worked together in developing this refreshingly new tool. Now, while we are seeing huge content flow easily through the smartphones as well as through a range of other smart handheld devices, there has arisen a requirement for a simple and easily operated tool, by which an opportunity to create movies and video montages is possible.

We are seeing already several feedbacks from various experts in the field who have commented about the advantages that the users are most likely to experience from the usage of this tool. Professor Ariel Shamir, Dean of the Efi Arazi School of Computer Science at IDC Herzliya mentions that the tool helps the user provide his inputs mostly in the form of editing of text. The tool automatically searches for semantically matching candidate shots from a video repository and then uses an optimization method to assemble the video montage by cutting and reordering the shots automatically. He also states that their work demonstrates the potential of automatic visual-semantic matching in idiom-based computational editing, offering an intelligent way to make video creation more accessible to non-professionals. Mr. Shi-Min Hu, another professor based out of
Tsinghua University states that, while the candidate shots from the repository are being selected, the method also considers the aesthetic appeal of the shots, by choosing those that are ideally lit, well focussed and which are not blurry or unstable. Also, the user can at any point of time render the movie and preview the video montage result with an accompanying voice-over narration. Working on quality videos have always been challenging using professional video editing tools. The user aims for working on improvisation on any raw video footage by producing a video that is clear with an attractive storyline that can catch the attention of the users. The good news is that even an amateur with little professional skills gets to work on developing quality video montages with ease. With simple editing of the text, users can create a video montage that accompanies the video. The tool is all about the user who is providing his inputs by way of text editing. Many professors and experts have already seen a promising future for users who will be using Write-A-Video tool. Stories can be told more effectively and originally through this tool by even those who possess very little experience or knowledge in video editing and processing.

The Write-A-Video application is expected to be demonstrated at SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Technique in Asia held in November at Brisbane, Australia. SIGGRAPH Asia is known for bringing in many creative individuals who are technological experts in various fields such as computer graphics, animation or those who are introducing new technologies all over the world