Firefox will start blocking fingerprints by default

Firefox will start blocking fingerprints by default as well as through the standard preset option starting from version 72 of the browser. This is something to look forward to in the coming days by the users of web browsers. Mozilla has added the blocking of fingerprints to Firefox 72 and even is planning to test the integration. Fingerprinting is the method by which the user data that is being provided can be used for the purpose of tracking. Some information is obtained when loading takes place on sites such as the location of the user, screen resolution, language settings etc. The purpose of gathering data is to generate a fingerprint, so that the user can be identified, either when the same websites are visited or even any other website. The fingerprint protection could be the standard blocking feature in Firefox 72 or may get reverted based on the results or outcome of the test.

The companies need not necessarily track browsing habits of users by tracking cookies. Fingerprints are also an option that is available. Although, in the upcoming browser update by default, the users may soon be able to obtain protection from such practice. The users have to opt-in when it comes to cookies. In the case of fingerprints, users may be tracked on the basis of characteristics of a computer. Techdows had mentioned earlier that it can include screen resolution, browser, and many others that include operating system. This could lead to profiling of the users individually which enables them to track such users on different websites.

Mozilla is releasing in early January next year Firefox version 72, an upcoming version of the web browser which can keep individuals who have been supporting privacy happier. This is because fingerprints could be automatically blocked by default, when the users visit the websites by the use of an Enhanced Tracking Protection Feature. Mozilla began to integrate and took a step forward to bring in Tracking Protection in the web browser in 2019. These were specifically designed to ensure that the internet tracking can be kept low. Many undesirable web features are being blocked by Firefox 70. These could include blocking of mainly undesirable content including cross-site tracking cookies, content tracked from private windows and trackers that are already familiar such as social media tracking. Firefox has a standard tracking protection enabled by default and the web users would be able to adjust the protective feature by setting it to strict or custom. These are already providing protection against fingerprints. The features can be accessed now itself instead of waiting for next year in order to obtain access to these features. The user can go to Custom Setting in Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection, from which they can select the options button in Firefox menu and then select Privacy and Security option. Subsequently, they can select setting Enhanced Tracking Protection to Custom and finally tick on the box mentioned Fingerprints.

Ultimately, it is necessary that there must be compatibility in these features. It is to be noted that once fingerprint blocking is enabled, some websites may face problems such as changes might be observed in their appearance or in some cases websites might experience ruin or destruction. Nevertheless, Mozilla has stated that it is planning to work on carrying out future tests, in order to check if they could take control of the same by overcoming such issues faced by it.