Grovemade walnut laptop stand offers an ergonomic work setup

Good thing there is a standby stand in our commercial office, which is actually quite comfortable. I’ve been very lucky that my mid-price Dell XPS 15 laptop has survived the company store restocking stuffie, yet.

Since the lap does not tip over while typing, and there’s no more bumpy rim, one gets a lot more actual use out of a machine that I otherwise wouldn’t. I also got lucky with a light-reflective screen, which is thin and cushy even when heated.

Given these advantages, having a normal laptop stand is essential, and thanks to Grovemade’s adjustable computer stand there is one in our office. I have to say that after a couple of years of typing on crappy 18″ screens and unsuitable keyboard designs, Grovemade’s cheap but well-designed 34″ screen desktop stood design really hit the sweet spot:

I doubt that this design is really practical in a large business environment, where you need a giant display, but it’s an effective deskstand for personal computing, where you don’t need to resort to shouting at your computer to wake it up or control it. And it’s not just quick: it takes up very little space, requires little maintenance and feels a little like it’s falling down around you.