Twitter to add a way to memorialize accounts for deceased users before removing inactive ones

Twitter stops before it has decided on the plan to come up with another way before going ahead to delete inactive accounts in the next few months. This move is aimed at finding a way for freeing usernames which are being used on such inactive accounts. Initially, Twitter had sent the message stating that they have heard suggestions from many users and the impact that this would have on the accounts of the deceased and that this was a miss on their part. Subsequently, it has stated that it will not be removing any inactive accounts before finding another way for users to memorialize accounts on its service. The timeline had not yet been finalized as to when this would happen.

The efforts to go against inactive users shows a wider effort to clean up the platform. This message from Twitter was after the Company had announced that the social media accounts that are not being used, specifically of those that have not been logging into their accounts over the last six months. However, these announcements have not gone down well with the social media platform, as it stated that the accounts of those people who have died will be eliminated. This is also not the first time when Twitter has pulled the plug on a large number of users. It has already done this before for different reasons. Twitter’s numbers are also being carefully tracked to gauge the company’s reach and relevance. Some of the comments received by Twitter were suggestions stating that the users felt that the future generation from their family such as children, grandchildren would get a chance to view their twitter accounts and that these should be preserved. Suggestions such as request to not delete inactive accounts that have not been logged in during the last 6 months have come.

Although, they stated that accounts of those who have died would be deleted. This move by the Company could put a dent on the overall user base of Twitter. Considering the fact that, if a Company or even a brand has been holding a Twitter account that is not currently in use, it is important to keep logging on to the account to ensure that it is not removed. Once the account is removed, this will give a chance for any other company to start using the account thereafter and the account will no longer be a part of the existing company. This can cause problems to the existing user, if some other company or brand begins to take control of the twitter handle that was associated with the existing company prior to the change.  Twitter has also mentioned that its policy on inactive accounts already is in place, but they have not tried to implement it. They are currently trying to work on these in the European Union by working to stay in accordance with the local privacy laws. They have confirmed that they would be communicating about alternative ways for preserving the content of the existing user accounts before going ahead with their decision to remove these accounts altogether. Further, they would also refine their policy on how they would deal with these user accounts that are inactive.